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Kansas State Capitol - Online tour - Senate chamber

Senate Chamber Third Level

The Senate chamber is housed in the east wing, the oldest section of the Capitol. It serves 40 senators who are elected every four years. The entire legislature meets annually from the second Monday in January to approximately the end of April for 90 calendar days.




Brass columns in Senate ChamberThe massive columns are polished to reveal their bright copper color. The columns were hand-cast in Italy and originally provided air circulation. On the sides of the bases are ornate circular grills, which were designed as air vents. They could be opened to allow hot air to rise to the attic.

In 2005 the Senate chamber underwent extensive renovation. The desks, made from native Kansas wild cherrywood, were returned to their placement in a semicircle that was original to the 1885 period. Marble walkways between the bronze and copper columns and the windows were restored. The Senate chamber also received new carpeting stylistic of the period. New chandeliers replicate the gas fixtures of the 1880s.

The private gallery is visible above the Senate president’s desk.