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Read Kansas! High School Lessons

These three lessons correlate with each other and are designed for high school students. The lessons deal with Indian removal, racial and ethnic relations between American Indians and the United States government, and assimilation versus nation status.  The lessons can be used to include both research and writing projects.

Each lesson is based on embedded Kansas and U. S. history standards along with reading and/or writing standards. They are designed to develop critical thinking skills, and are based on primary source materials. Correlations with Kansas College and Career Ready Standards (KCCRS) and the 2013 Kansas History, Government, and Social Studies standards have been included in each lesson's web page. The lessons contain attractive student materials and a complete lesson plan including the assessment.

H-4 A History of American Indian Education

H-5 The Work of William Clark, Superintendent of Indian Affairs

H-6 American Indian Policy: Assimilation or Nation States?

H-4 A History of American Indian EducationThe Work of William Clark:  Superintendent of Indian AffairsH-6 American Indian Policy--Assimilation or Nation States?