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Read Kansas! Primary

The lessons designed for the primary grades (K-3) have been developed to increase students' appreciation of Kansas and its history. Each lesson emphasizes reading skills normally taught in the primary grades. The online version includes the correlation of the Kansas Reading and Writing standards with the newly adopted Kansas College and Career Ready Standards (KCCRS). The lessons cover a variety of topics, all of which are included in the Kansas social studies standards.  Each lesson comes with attractive student cards, complete lesson plans and activities.

Kansas Symbols BingsKindergarten

Number     Lesson

P-1           Living in Kansas Today

P-2           Where is Kansas?

P-3           Kansas Symbols Bingo

P-4           Family Animals:  Reading Historic Photographs


P - 9  Learning to Ask QuestionsFirst Grade

Number     Lesson

P-5           Kansas Crops: From Seeds to Food

P-6           American Indian Homes in Kansas

P-7           Kansas Prairie Homes

P-8           The Kansas Flag

P-9           Learning to Ask Questions


P - 13 The Kansas State CapitolSecond Grade

Number     Lesson

P-10         Kansans on the Move

P-11         My Daily Life in Kansas

P-12         Immigration:  Marijana's Story

P-13         Kansas State Capitol

P-14         Games Children Play: Then and Now


P - 16 Holidays in KansasThird Grade

Number     Lesson

P-15         I Live in Kansas!

P-16         Holidays in Kansas

P-17         Historic Places in Kansas

P-18         Understanding Clues From the Past: School Days