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Recent Additions - May 1934

Compiled by HELEN M. McFARLAND, Librarian

May 1934 (Vol. 3, No. 2), pages 186 to 206
Transcribed by lhn; additional HTML by Susan Stafford;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

THE books received in the past year are from three sources, purchase, gift and exchange, and fall largely into the following classifications: Kansas; the West; Genealogy and Local History; and General. We have been fortunate in receiving as gifts several genealogies, and we receive regularly valuable publications containing history and genealogy through our exchange with many historical societies. We also subscribe to several historical and genealogical publications which are not available by exchange. These add greatly to the usefulness of the library.

There are many books needed for the library, particularly those relating to the West and Genealogy and Local History which have been published years ago and are obtainable only through dealers in rare Americana. We have acquired a number of early Kansas books through dealers' catalogues. As there is often only one copy of these books in a book dealer's shop it makes them very difficult to secure.

The following is a partial list of books which were added to the library from October 1, 1932, to October 1, 1933. The total number of books accessioned appears in the report of the secretary in the February issue of the Quarterly.


ABILENE, Ordinances of the City of Abilene Published by Order of the City Council. [Abilene, Strother Brothers] 1892.
ADAMS, ANDY, The Outlet. Boston, Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1905.
ART PUBLISHING COMPANY, "The Magic City," Wichita, Picturesque and Descriptive. Neenah, Wis., Art Publishing Company, 1889.
ATCHISON BOARD OF TRADE, Atchison, the Railroad Centre of Kansas: Its Advantages for Commerce and Manufactures. Atchison, Daily Champion Steam Printing Establishment, 1874.
AUCHAMPAUOH, PHILIP GERALD, James Buchanan and His Cabinet on the Eve of Secession. [Lancaster, Pa.] Privately Printed, 1926.
BAKER, ROBERT OSBORNE, The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Em ployees and Moving Picture Machine Operators of the United States and Canada. Lawrence, 1933.
BARTLETT, JENNIE V., History of the Salina Schools, With Reminiscences by Mrs. C. W. Lynn. Published in Memorial Tribute by Saline County Chap-
ter, Native Daughters of Kansas, 1933.


BEALS, CARLETON, Brimstone and Chili, a Book of Personal Experiences in the Southwest and Mexico. New York, A. A. Knopf, 1927.
Bergin, ALFRED, The Story of Lindsborg, Written for the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Bethany Church . . . April 1921, 1929. Published by The Luther Leagues of the Bethany Church. Lindsborg, [Bethany Printing Company] n. d.
Pro och Lif Nagra Ord till de unga om ett helgadt lif, grundadt i en lefvande tro. Rock Island, Ill., Augustana Book Concern, 1913.
Under Furor och Palmer. [Smolan, Kan.] Gustaf Eriksons Förlog [c1916].
BOWLBY, RICHARD, Kansas, the Seat of War in America. London, Effingham Wilson, 1856.
BRADT, CHARLES EDWIN, Problems of Pin-Hole Parish. Wichita, Missionary Press Company, [c1912].
BROWN GEORGE ALFRED, Harold, the Klansman. Kansas City, Mo., Western Baptist Publishing Company, 1923.
BRUCE, HENRY CLAY, The New Man. Twenty-nine Years a Slave. Twenty-nine Years a Freeman. Recollections of H. C. Bruce. York, Pa., P. Anstadt & Sons, 1895.
BURLINGAME, KANSAS TERRITORY, Its Location, Present Improvements and Future Prospects: Lumber, Water, Coal, Stone, etc. Topeka, Ross Brothers, 1857.
CARTER, ROBERT L., Pictorial History of the Thirty-fifth Division. St. Louis, 1933.
CHESTER, CHARLES, comp., Technocracy, a Book for Thoughtful Persons. Topeka, F. E. Anderson Publishing Company, 1933.
CLAY CENTER, Revised Ordinances. Published by Authority of the City. Clay Center, Clay Center Publishing Company, 1926.
Revised Ordinances of the City of Clay Center, Kansas. Clay Center, Dispatch Printing House, 1890.
COATES, GRACE STONE, Portulacas in the Wheat. Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton Printers, 1932.
Commemoration of Nelson Timothy Stephens on Commencement Day, 1952, at the University of Kansas . . . Upon the Reception by the University of the Portrait of Judge Stephens . . . New York, Tudor Press, 1933.
[CONE, JOHN PHILIP], Told Out of School. By One of the Pupils. no impr.
CONNELLEY, WILLIAM ELSEY, Wild Bill and His Era: the Life and Adventures of James Butler Hickok. New York, The Press of the Pioneers, 1933.
Constitution and Government of Kansas. Lawrence, J. S. Boughton, 1889.
COSGROVE, MRS. HARRIET (SILLIMAN) AND C. B. COSGROVE, The Swarts Ruin; a Typical Mimbres Site in Southwestern New Mexico . . . . Cambridge, Mass., Peabody Museum, 1932.
DARLING, ARTHUR BURR, Political Changes in Massachusetts 1824-1848. New Haven, Yale University Press, 1925.
DAUGHTERS of THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. [Year Books of Various Kansas Chapters], 440 Pamphlets.


DOUBT, SARAH L., My Summer Abroad. No-impr.
DOUGLASS, JAMES HARVEY, AND R. H. ROBERTS, Instruction and Information Units for Hand Woodworking. Winfield, The Practical Arts Publishing Company, 1932.
EARHART, AMELIA, The Fun of It: Random Records of My Own Flying and of Women in Aviation. New York, Brewer, Warren & Putnam, 1932.
EDMONDS, ALBERT SYDNEY, Il Penseroso and Other Poems. [Topeka, College Press, c1932.]
EHRLICH, LEONARD, God's Angry Man. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1932.
ENGEL, E. F., Engel's Laboratory Method in Beginning German. Hand Book of Materials for Engel's German Laboratory Notebook. Rev. ed. Lawrence, Sunflower Publishing Company, [c1932].
-----, Why and How to Learn German. Lawrence, Sunflower Publishing Company, n. d.
FARNHAM, MRS. MATEEL (Howe), Lost Laughter. New York, Dodd, Mead & Company, 1933.
THE FERRY-HANLY-SCHGTT ADVERTISING COMPANY, comp., A Square Deal for Kansas Railroads: the Sentiment of Scores of Kansas Editors. No impr.
FLICKNER, PETER, J. J. KREHBIEL, AND P. P. WEDEL, A Brief History of Swiss Mennonites Who Immigrated from Wolhynia, Russia, into Kansas. (In German.) No impr.
FREEMASONS, ANCIENT, FREE AND ACCEPTED, By-Laws, Rules and Funeral Services of Topeka Lodge No. 17. Topeka, MacDonald & Baker, 1865.
GRANT, BLANCHE CHLOE, ed., Kit Carson's Own Story of His Life as Dictated to Col. and Mrs. D. C. Peters About 1866-07, and Never Before Published. Taos, N . M., 1926.
HARBORD, JAMES GUTHRIE, America in the World War. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1933.
HEY, C. A., comp., A Little Bouquet: Some Songs and Cheers for Kansas and Her Pioneers. To the Pioneers of the Great Southwest This Book- is Dedicated. Dodge City, Dodge City Printing Company, 1930.
HIGGINSON, MRS. EDWARD, A Story of the Wichita Musical Club from Its Organization, May 7, 1892, to . . . September 1, 1929. Wichita, The Travis Press, n, d.
HODGES, GEORGE H., In Appreciation of Former Governor John P. St. John. [Olathe, Olathe Democrat, 1933.]
HOLMES, MRS. HILDA (MAUCK), Wings of Hope. [New York, C. Kendall, c1932.]
HOPKINS, G. M., A Complete Set of Surveys and Plats of Properties in Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, Compiled and Drawn, from Official Records and Actual Surveys. Philadelphia, G. M. Hopkins, c1887.
HOPPER, BROWNLOW, The Rugged Rocky Region. [Detroit, c1921.]
HORTON, DUDLEY T., History of Hopewell School District No. 114, Plevna, Reno County, Kansas, n. p. [1932.]
HOWE, EDGAR WATSON, The Story of a Country Town. New York, Dodd, Mead & Company, 1932.


INGRAM, JOHN C., Coming of Christ. [ Ashland, Ingrain, c1932.] Prophetic Democracy. [n. p. Ingrain, e1927.]
INMAN, HENRY, The Ranche on the Oxhide, a Story of Boys' and Girls' Life on the Frontier. New York, Grosset & Dunlap, [c1912].
JUNCTION CITY, General Ordinances of the City of Junction City Revised by W. H. Laundy . . . 1896. Junction City, Republican Book and Job Printing House, 1896.
KANSAS ACADEMY of SCIENCE, Transactions, 1-01. 30. Manhattan, Kimball Printery Company, 1932.
KANSAS CITY, Revised Ordinances of the City of Kansas City, Kansas, 1909. Kansas City, Gazette Globe, 1909.
Kansas Facts, Vol. 4, 1932 and 1933. Topeka, Kansas Facts Publishing Company, 1933.
KANSAS PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY, Kansas Pacific Railway Gold Loan $6,600,000. First Mortgage Seven Per Cent. Gold Bonds. . . . n. p. [1869].
KANSAS STATE BAR ASSOCIATION, Proceedings, 1930, 1931. 2 vols. No impr. ---- Committee to Prepare and Revise a General Corporation Code, General Corporation Code. Topeka, Ives, 1933. KAUFMAN, P. R., Unser Volk and Seine Geschichte. [Basil, Kan., 1931.]
KIENE, LLEWELLYN, The Story of Two Brothers. Topeka, Printed and Published by the House of Smiths, 1905.
LAWRENCE, Revised Ordinances of the City of Lawrence, Kansas. Published by Authority of the City. Lawrence, Journal Publishing Company, 1891.
LEAVENWORTH, LAWRENCE AND GALVESTON RAILROAD COMPANY, Trust Mortgage to the Farmers Loan and Trust Company 0f New York. Chicago, Rounds & James, 1869.
LEISY, ERNEST ERWIN, American Literature; an Interpretative Survey. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell Company, [c1929].
LITOWICH, CAROLINA, Ugly Face. Boston, Christopher Publishing House, [c1932]
LOCKWOOD, GREENE & COMPANY, Incorporated, ustrial Survey of Wichita, Kansas. mimeo. [1921.]
LOOMIS, NELSON H., ts about the Railroads, Omaha, Neb. October 23, 1923. No impr.
--- Railroad Issues of 1923; Speech Delivered at Salina, Kansas, September 26, 1923, Before the Farmers' Educational and Cooperative Union of America. No impr.
LYTLE, J. A., A Brief History of District No. 84, "The Rose Valley District," Osborne County, Kansas, Embracing the First Thirty-five Years of the District's Organization. St. Louis, Ross-Could Company, 1933. MCCOY, JOSEPH G., Historic Sketches of the Cattle Trade of the West and Southwest. Reprinted. Washington, D. C., The Rare Book Shop, 1932.
MACK, GEORGE, JR., ed. and pub., The 1933 Kansas Legislative Blue Book. Lawrence, World Company, 1933.
MARCY, MRS. JENNIE C., Autumn Leaves. Baldwin, 1932.


MARKHAM, REUBEN H., Meet Bulgaria. Published by the author. Sofia,
Bulgaria, Printed by "The Stopansko Razvitiye Press," 1931. MARYSVILLE, Revised Ordinances of the City of Marysville. Published by Order of the City Council, May, 1893. MAXTON, MRS. ROSIE ELLEN, The Last One. Joplin, Mo., Automatic Printing Company, 1932.
MERRILL, 0. N., A True History of the Kansas Wars, and Their Origin, Progress and Incidents . . . . Cincinnati, 1856. Tarrytown, N. Y. Reprinted by William Abbatt, 1932.
MOORE, MRS. ELMA (SETTLE), Winnowings. [Seneca, Courier-Tribune Press] n. d.
MOSS, RYCROFT G., The Geology of Ness and Hodgeman Counties, Kansas. (State Geological Survey of Kansas, Bulletin 19, 1932.)
NYQUIST, EDNA, Pioneer Life and Lore of McPherson County, Kansas. McPherson, Democrat-Opinion Press, 1932.
OLATHE, FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH, Dedication Services of the First Christian Church, Olathe, Kansas, Sunday, April the Fourth, 1926. No impr.
OLATHE, JOHN P. ST. JOHN MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL, A Life Lived for Others: John Pierce St. John 1833-1933. [Olathe, John P. St. John Memorial High School, Journalism Class, 1933.]
OSWALD, A. LEWIS, Traditions of Troop One. Hutchinson, Rotherwood Press, [c1931].
OWEN, JENNIE SMALL, Fodder. 4th ed. Emporia, Emporia Gazette Print, 1932.
PEMBERTON, MURDOCK, AND DAVID BOEHM, Sing High, Sing Low; a Comedy in Two Acts and Six Scenes. New York, Samuel French, Incorporated, [C1932].
PERRY, JOHN D., President Union Pacific Railway Company, Eastern Division. [Letter to Hon. O. H. Browning, Secretary of the Interior, Dated St. Louis, December 31, 1868.] No impr.
PETERS, H. P., History and Development of Education Among the Mennonites in Kansas. Hillsboro, 1925.
PHILLIPS, MRS. CATHERINE COFFIN, Cornelius Cole, California Pioneer and United States Senator: a Study in Personality and Achievements Bearing Upon the Growth of a Commonwealth. San Francisco, John Henry Nash, 1929.
--- Portsmouth Plaza, the Cradle of San Francisco. San Francisco, John Henry Nash, 1932.
Polk's Arkansas City (Kansas) Directory, 1930. Including Cowley County. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk & Company, 1930.
Polk's Chanute (Kansas) City Directory, 1929. Including Neosho County Tax payers. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk & Company, 1929.
Polk's EL Dorado (Kansas) City Directory, 1929. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk & Company, 1929.
Polk's Emporia (Kansas) City Directory, 1930. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk & Company, 1930.


Polk's Kansas City (Kansas) Directory, 1930. Kansas City. Mo., R. L. Polk & Company, 1930.
Polk's Salina (Kansas) City Directory, 1931. Including Saline County. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk & Company, 1930.
Polk's Topeka City Directory, 1933. Including Shawnee County Taxpayers. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk & Company, 1933.
Polk's Winfield (Kansas) City Directory, 1931. Including Cowley County. Kansas City, Mo., R. L. Polk &, Company, 1931.
POLLOCK, JOHN CALVIN, Charge to Grand Jury, Fort Scott, Kansas, May 1, 1922. No impr.
PORTER, KENNETH WIGGINS, John Jacob Astor Business Man. Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1931.
"A Protest" of the Committee Representing Stevens, Morton and Seward Counties in the State of Kansas Against the Passage of the "Voorhees-Cimarron Land Office Bill." no. p. Judd & Detweiller, [1888]
QUAYLE, WILLIAM ALFRED, The Prairie and the Sea. Cincinnati, Jennings & Graham, 1905.
READ, JOHN M., Speech, on the Power of Congress Over the Territories, and in Favor of Free Kansas, Free White Labor, and of Fremont and Dayton. . . September 30, 1856, at Philadelphia. Philadelphia, C. Sherman & Son, 1856.
RHODES, HARRY L., Bird Notes, with Questions and Answers. Wellington, Charles Hillebrandt, 1932.
ROENIGK, ADOLPH, ed., Pioneer History of Kansas. [Lincoln, Kan.] Author, (c 1933].
ROSE, OSCAR JOEL, Just Ridin' 'Round Stories, n. p. c1932.
SEELEY, CHARLES LIVINGSTONE, Pioneer Days in the Arkansas Valley and Southern Colorado and History of Beet's Fort. Denver, Author, [c1932].
SEWARD, COY AVON, Metal Plate Lithography for Artists and Draftsmen. New York, The Pencil Points Press, Incorporated, 1931.
SHARP, WAUBAN A., A Brief Sketch of the Central Normal College, Great Bend, Kansas, from Its Beginning to Its Close. Topeka, 1933.
SHERWOOD, ELMER, Buffalo Bill's Boyhood. Racine, Wis., Western Publishing Company, n. d.
SHUMARD B. F., AND G. C. SWALLOW, Descriptions of New Fossils, from the Coal Measures of Missouri and Kansas. St. Louis, George Knapp & Company, 1858.
SMITH, EDWARD B., Etymology and Syntax. Chicago, A. Flanagan Company, (c1894].
Solid Shot. The Facts and the Arguments on the Liquor Traffic. 2d ed. Springfield, Ohio, New Era Company, 1890.
STOLPE, MAURITZ, AND ALFRED BERGIN, Call for Lutheran Rallying. Rock Island, Ill., Augustana Book Concern, 1917.
STROUD, ALBERT, Verdigris Valley Verse. Coffeyville, Journal Press, 1917.


TAYLOR, MRS. H. J., Snow and Goss, the Pioneers in Kansas Ornithology. Reprinted from the Wilson Bulletin, September, 1932.
TOPEKA BOARD of EDUCATION, Socializing the School. Report of the Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas, for the Two Years Ending July 1, 1917. No impr.
UNDERWOOD, MRS. EDNA WORTHLEY, Other Twilights. Portland, Me., Mosher Press, 1928.
--- Egyptian Twilights. Portland, Me., Mosher Press, 1928.
--- Improvisations, Africa, the Mediterranean. Portland, Me., Mosher Press 1929.
--- Improvisations, South America, the Carib Sea. Portland, Me., Mosher Press, 1929.
--- Masque of the Moons. Portland, Me., Mosher Press, 1928.
--- Songs from the Plains. Boston, Sherman, French & Company, 1917.
--- tr., Anthology of Mexican Poets front the Earliest Times to the Present Day. Portland, Ale., Mosher Press, 1932.
--- The Book of Seven Songs by Tu Fu, Translated into English by Edna Worthley Underwood and Chi-Hwang Chu. Portland, Ale., Mosher Press, 1928.
--- Famous Stories from Foreign Countries. Boston. Four Seas Company. 1921.
--- The Slav Anthology, Russian, Polish, Bohemian, Serbian, Croatian. Portland, Me., Mosher Press, 1931.
--- Songs of Hafiz. Boston, Four Seas Company, 1917.
--- The Taste of Honey: the Note Book of a Linguist. Portland, Me., Mosher Press, 1930.
--- Three Chinese Masterpieces, Translated into English by Edna Worthley L nderwood and Chi-Hwang Chu. Portland, Me., Mosher Press, 1927.
USHER, J. P., The Pacific Railroads: Their Operation as One Continuous Line. Argument in Behalf of the Kansas Pacific Railway Before the House Committee on the Pacific Railroad. Washington City, 1878.
VAN NOY, KATHRYNE, AND ELINOR HEDRICK, Jack and Matt of the W X. New York, Duffield & Green, [ec. 1933].
VESTAL, STANLEY, pseud., Sitting Bull, Champion of the, Sioux. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1932.
Views of the Great Kansas River Flood, Lawrence, May and June, 1903. Lawrence, Daily Gazette, 1903.
WAUGH, MAURICE C., Hearthside Musings. Wichita, Travis Press, 1931.
--- Reanimation. Wichita, Travis Press, 1932.
WHITTEMORE, MRS. FRANCES Davis, George Washington in Sculpture. Boston, Marshall Jones Company, 1933.
WICHITA CITY MANAGER, Report, 1922-1926, 1928-1932. 10 vols. No impr.
Wichita City Directory 1912, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1919, 1920, 1922, 1925, 1926, 1928, 1931, 1932. 12 vols. Place and Publisher vary.


WICHITA CITY SCHOOLS, Community Life and Development: a Manual for Work in Community Civics. 4th ed. Wichita. Wichita Eagle Press, 1926.
WIRTH, FREDERICK E., Socialism: the Political Religion of a Christian. (University of Kansas. Hattie Elizabeth Lewis Memorial, No. 13.)
WOMAN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION OF THE STATE OF KANSAS, Fifty-fourth Annual Report, 1932, n. p. 1933.
WOMER, PARLEY PAUL, The Coming Creed. Boston, Sherman, French & Company, 1911.
WOOLWORTH, J. M., The Pacific Railroads: Their Operation as One Continuous Line. Argument in Behalf of the Kansas Pacific Railway, before the House Committee on the Pacific Railroad. Washington City, 1878.
WOOSTER, LYMAN C., The Fundamentals of Biology. Emporia, Emporia Gazette, 1930.


ALLEN, JULES VERNE, Cowboy Lore. San Antonio, Tex., Naylor Printing Company, 1933.
BROWN, MRS. JENNIE BROUGHTON, Fort Hall on the Oregon. Trail. Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton Printers, 1932.
BRUCE, ROBERT, The Fighting Norths and Pawnee Scouts; Narratives and Reminiscences of Military Service on the Old Frontier . . . . Published with the cooperation and approval of the Nebraska State Historical Society. Lincoln, Neb., 1932.
CHAPIN, FREDERICK H., Mountaineering in Colorado: the Peaks about Estes Park. Boston, Appalachian Mountain Club, 1889.
CHARDON, FRANCIS A., Chardon's Journal at Fort Clark, 1884-1839: Descriptive of Life on the Upper Missouri; of a Fur Trader's Experiences among the Mandans, Gros Venues and Their Neighbors; of the Ravages of the Small-pox Epidemic of 1837. Pierre, S. D., 1932.
CRAWFORD, LEWIS FERANDUS, Rekindling Camp Fires, the Exploits of Ben Arnold (Connor) (Wa-si-cu Tam-a-he-ca); an Authentic Narrative of Sixty Years in the Old West as Indian Fighter, Gold Miner, Cowboy, Hunter and Army Scout. Bismarck, N. D., Capital Book Company, [c1926].
DAUGHTERS of UTAH PIONEERS, Pioneer Songs. [Salt Lake City] Author, c1932.
DELLENBAUGH, FREDERICK SAMUEL, The Romance of the Colorado River; the Story of Its Discovery in 1540, With an Account of the Later Explorations, and With Special Reference to the Voyages of Powell Through the Line of the Great Canyons. New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1906.
EGAN, HOWARD, Pioneering the West, 1846 to 1878; Major Howard Egan's Diary, Also Thrilling Experiences of Pre-Frontier Life Among Indians. Richmond, Utah, Howard R. Egan Estate, 1917.
FITCH, FRANKLIN Y., The Life, Travels and Adventures of an American Wanderer: a Truthful Narrative of Events in the Life of Alonzo P. DeMilt. New York, John W. Lovell Company, [c1883].


GILBERT, EDMUND WILLIAM, The Explorations of Western America 1800-1850, an Historical Geography. Cambridge, University Press, 1933.
GREGG, JOSIAH, Commerce of the Prairies; the Journal of a Santa Fe Trader. Reprint edition. Dallas, Southwest Press, [1933].
HAFEN, LEROY R., Colorado, the Story of a Western Commonwealth. Denver, Peerless Publishing Company, 1933.
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HEBARD, GRACE RAYMOND, Sacajawea, a Guide and Interpreter of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, With an Account of the Travels of Toussaint Charbonneau, and of Jean Baptiste, the Expedition Papoose. Glendale, Cal., Arthur H. Clark Company, 1933.
HOOPES, ALBAN W., Indian Affairs and Their Administration, With Special Reference to the Far West, 1849-1860. Philadelphia [University of Pennsylvania Press], 1932.
HUDSON, WILLIAM HENRY, Famous Missions of California. New York, Dodge Publishing Company, [c1901].
HULBERT, ARCHER BUTLER, ed., Southwest on the Turquoise Trail; the First Diaries on the Road to Santa Fe. Published by the Stewart Commission of Colorado College and the Denver Public Library, [1933]. (Overland to the Pacific, vol. 2.)
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LANGWORTHY, FRANKLIN, Scenery of the Plains, Mountains and Mines. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1932. (Narratives of the Trans-Mississippi Frontier: a series of reprints of Western Americana.)
LEWIS, ANNA, Along the Arkansas. Dallas, Southwest Press, [c1932].
LOCKWOOD, FRANCIS CUMMINS, Pioneer Days in Arizona, From the Spanish Occupation to Statehood. New York, Macmillan Company, 1932.
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New Spain and the Anglo-American West; Historical Contributions Presented to Herbert Eugene Bolton. 2 vols. [Los Angeles, Privately Printed, 1932.]
OSTRANDER, ALSON BOWLES, The Bozeman Trail Forts Under General Philip St. George Cooke in 1866 . . . . Casper, Wyo., Commercial Printing Company, 1932.


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