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Save the Flags

Flag preservation

Tattered and torn, these irreplaceable pieces of Kansas' past need your help. About 75 flags from Kansas' involvement in the Civil War are in the collections of the Kansas Historical Society.

Most are battle flags of various Kansas regiments, but there also are confederate and border ruffian flags and political banners. Some of the flags show damage from their service in battle, while all have suffered the effects of time and environment. Many have been furled for decades. Now brittle with age, the flags need treatment by specialists before they can be unfurled and made available for research and public viewing.


Close-up image of a tattered furled flag

Help preserve flags such as:




Adopt a flag by underwriting its preservation either fully or in part. All donations are tax exempt and are placed in fund for flag preservation.



Flag preservation

These flags have already been preserved:






If you are interested in making a contribution to the Save the Flags fund, please contact 785-272-8681, ext. 209; or make a donation through our Museum Store Online. Select "Artifact Conservation" in the drop-down menu.