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Thompson-Charles Family Papers, 1890-1993

Microfilm rolls MF 202 – MF 203




Farm, merchant, banker families; of Republic County, Kan.

Diaries of Eugenia Ann (Thompson) Charles, 1890-1944 (ser. 1). There are also excerpts and annotations of her diaries; a history of the Thompson family; pedigree charts for the Charles, Benedict, Gregory and Thompson families; and photocopies of Tudor John Charles and Eugenia Ann (Thompson) Charles photographs. This collection, consisting of 22 items, provides a good view of the lives of Kansas farmers at the turn of the 19th/20th century. Ser. 3, the F .E. Thompson Family, consists of a history of the Thompson and Charles families mostly in the form of anecdotes.




2 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.


Thompson-Charles family papers


Microfilm MF 202-MF 203
Ms. collection no. 5043


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Aside from information that can be gleaned from genealogical charts of the Thompson and Charles families, the information provided in this collection indicates that Eugenia “Genie” Ann (Thompson) Charles was descended from Francis Edward (Frank) and Mary Jane (Caswell) Thompson. Frank came from Walton, New York, and Mary Jane came from Canada, not far from the Vermont border. These two families moved to Kilbourn, Wisconsin, where Frank and Mary Jane met and married despite her father’s objections. Soon after their marriage, in 1870, they moved to Republic County, Kansas, where the soil provided significantly better agricultural yields than Wisconsin for an industrious farmer.

The newly wed couple made their first home in a dwelling that was half dug - out, half sod house, built into a hillside. Eugenia Ann Thompson was born in 1873. Fifteen years later, the Thompsons moved into a new house in the town of Republic. Once the family moved to Republic, Frank tried his hand at a furniture and undertaking business. Even so, he still spent a great deal of his time working the family farm, which he enjoyed.

Eugenia married Tudor John Charles in 1893. They typified the life of the Kansas farm family. They had six children in all — four at first, and two more later — all born at the Republic County farmhouse. These children were William Kamp Charles (1894-1979), Esther Charles (1896-1987), Ethel Charles (1898-1920), Frances Eugene Charles (1900-1980), Tudor John Charles, Jr. (1908-1940), and Donald Evans Charles (1913- ).

Tudor Charles was described as being temperamental with a quick mind but rather emotional. Genie (Thompson) Charles balanced Tudor’s moodiness with a more stable personality. Genie thought of herself as being not as quick to figure things out as her husband. Yet she was deeply philosophical and was an avid reader. Genie brought a soft touch to Tudor’s periodically hot temper, which he needed. Tudor was one to be somewhat concerned about having status in the community in which he lived. Genie, an introvert, was just the opposite.

In the late 1920s Tudor Charles was the director of a bank for a brief period of time. Like so many other banks at the time, his bank failed. This failure, aside from the emotional turmoil it caused him, also indebted him, a debt from which he never fully recovered. Farming became ever increasingly difficult as a source of income. By the time of their deaths, Tudor and Genie Charles were in a worse financial situation than when they were first married.

Contents List

Oerganization of the Papers

Organized into 6 series by type of material.

Roll 1 (MF 202). Diaries (ser. 1): no. 1-10, 1890-1902 — roll 2 (MF 203). Diaries (ser. 1): no. 11-16, 1903-1944 ; Excerpts from the diaries of Genie Thompson Charles / by her son, Wm. Kamp Charles, 1971 (ser. 2); The F. E. Thompson family, 1961 (ser. 3); Pedigree charts, 1993 (ser. 4) ; Family group sheet (ser. 5) ; photocopies of photographs, [189-]-1904 (ser. 6).

Roll List

Roll 1 (MF 202):

  • Series 1) Diaries, 1890-1944, of Eugenia Ann (Thompson) Charles.
    • 1) Sept. 7, 1890 – July 26, 1891
    • 2) July 27, 1891 – Dec. 31, 1891
    • 3) Jan. 10, 1892 – Sept. 1, 1892
    • 4) Sept. 4, 1892 – May 19, 1893
    • 5) July 29, 1893 – Dec. 30, 1894
    • 6) Jan. 8, 1895 – Dec. 15, 1895
    • 7) Jan. 1, 1896 – Dec. 31, 1896
    • 8) Jan. 4, 1897 – Nov. 20, 1897
    • 9) Nov. 25, 1897 – Dec. 31, 1899
    • 10) Jan. 2, 1900 – Dec. 29, 1902

Roll 2 (MF 203):

  • Series 1) Diaries, 1890-1944, of Eugenia Ann (Thompson) Charles.
    • 11) Jan. 5, 1903 – Dec. 13, 1908
    • 12) [1909] – Dec. 31, 1912
    • 13) 1913 – Jun. 14, 1937
    • 14) Jun. 1, 1938 – Apr. 17, 1940
    • 15) Jan. 1, 1942 – Dec. 27, 1943
    • 16) Jan. 2, 1944 – Jan. 28, 1944
  • Series 2) Excerpts from the diaries of Genie Thompson Charles / by her son, Wm. Kamp Charles, 1971.
  • Series 3) The F.E. Thompson Family
  • History of the Thompson family beginning with Francis Edward Thompson and Mary Jane Caswell in 1870. Written by William Kamp Charles in 1961.
  • Series 4) Pedigree Charts [Charles, Thompson, Benedict, and Gregory families, dating back to the sixteenth century]. Compiled in 1993.
  • Series 5) Family Group Sheet [Tudor John Charles family].
  • Series 6) Photocopies of photographs:
    • Tudor John Charles, [ca. 189-].
    • Eugenia Ann Thompson Charles, 1904.

Index Terms


Charles, Tudor John, 1871-1936(subject and co-creator)

Charles, Eugenia Ann Thompson, 1873-1944(subject and co-creator)

Family Names

Benedict family

Charles family

Gregory family

Thompson family

Geographic Names


Republic (Kan.)

Republic County (Kan.)


American diaries–Kansas–Republic County

Diaries (Art and Architecture Thesaurus)

Farm life–Kansas–Republic County.

Rural families–Kansas–Republic County.

Women in agriculture–Kansas–Republic County.


Farmers–Kansas–Republic County.

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Microfilm. Topeka, Kan. : Kansas State Historical Society, 1995. Microfilm rolls MF 202-MF 203.